The Hippie Pipe Manual Herbal Vaporizer

The Hippie Pipe Vaporizer Review

In this post, we are reviewing a brand new manual vaporizer, called The Hippie Pipe. We love analog vaporizers here at VapeFuse and we are surely not alone in how we feel. The battery-free vaping craze seems to be taking over the dry herb vaping world. Manual vaporizers have no electronic components. Instead, you have … Read more

DabCap Bong Adapters

DabCap Water Pipe Adapter

Let me introduce you to the DabCap water pipe adapter for dry herb, concentrate, and oil cartridge vaporizers. Why Do You Need a Bong Adapter? Vaping through water is very popular these days. There are a growing number of vaporizers that you can use with a water bubbler. Similarly, a surprisingly large number of vapes … Read more

Yocan Regen vapes

Yocan Regen: Perfect Wax Vape Pen

The provision of excellent quality, high-end performance, durability and portability has led to the widespread prevalence of Yocan devices. The company has been immensely contributing to the vaping community for as long as we can recall. Here we are going to review one of their flagships: Yocan Regen which is embedded with the latest vaping … Read more

vaporizers to buy

What Vaporizers You Should Buy On These 420 Sales?

Weed and concentrate admirers anxiously long for this time of the year. Now, the wait is over and the 420 sales are almost upon us. Here we have enlisted some of the things that you must check out during this 420 sale season. Let’s have a look at what we have here: Best Dab Rigs … Read more

Airistech Herbva 5G Portable Herbal Vaporizer

Airistech Herbva 5G Vaporizer Review

In this post, we are reviewing the Airistech Herbva 5G portable herbal vaporizer. The Herbva 5G is the latest addition to Airistech’s Herbva range of entry-level herbal vapes. We have reviewed the Herbva Nokiva and Herbva X models before here at VapeFuse. They both provide great value for money and make vaporization affordable. We have … Read more

RiO MakeOver by Stache Product

RiO MakeOver Dab Rig by Stache Product – Detailed Review

Dab rigs are known to be hefty and heavy, which is why a huge chunk of the vaping community moved to portable vaporizers — a convenient and easy to carry around option. But now, you don’t have to renounce your conventional dabbing ways to adapt to the latest trend; as the RiO MakeOver dab rig is … Read more

DynaVap M 2020 on DynaStash

DynaVap M 2020 Vaporizer Review

Another year passed by and the new year means the DynaVap M 2020 is here! I’ll be the first to admit that we are big fans of the DynaVap M manual vaporizer here at VapeFuse. We’ve been using it since 2017 and reviewed the M 2018 and 2019 and really liked them both. I was … Read more

Wolkenkraft Buddy Convection Vaporizer

Wolkenkraft Buddy Convection Vaporizer Review

We have been testing the Wolkenkraft Buddy herbal vaporizer for the last few weeks. The Buddy is another full convection vaporizer from Wolkenkraft. They produce a range of other full convection vaporizers, including the FX+, the FX Mini as well as the new Aris vape. The Design of the Wolkenkraft Buddy Vaporizer Just like all … Read more

Viggo Pod System Vaporizer by Vaper Empire

Vaper Empire – Viggo Vape Pod Starter Kit Review

In this post, we are reviewing the Vaper Empire Viggo vape pod starter kit. We have used other products from Vaper Empire before and were excited to give the Viggo a try.   Pod style vaping seems to be here to stay. It offers a travel-friendly, lightweight and hands-free vaping that is hard to achieve … Read more

Wolkenkraft Aris Portable Vaporizer - first vape

Wolkenkraft Aris Vaporizer Review

We have been testing out the new Wolkenkraft Aris full convection vaporizer for the last 3 weeks. The Aris looks a little bit like the big brother of the Wolkenkraft FX Mini. There is an optional water bubbler available with the Wokenkraft Aris and we cover that too in this review. Let’s get straight into … Read more

Aovape cRoll Oil Vaporizer in packaging

Aovape cRoll 510 Cartridge Vaporizer Review

The Aovape cRoll is the latest oil cartridge vaporizer we are reviewing here at the VapeFuse Blog. Aovape Technology is a vaporizer manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China, with a line of oil, wax and dry herb vaporizers. The Design of the Aovape cRoll The Aovape cRoll is a very simple design oil vape. It is … Read more

Airis Tripod 510 thread portable vaporizer

Airis Tripod Cartridge Vaporizer by Airistech

We have been testing out the Airis Tripod triple cartridge vaporizer for quite some time now. The Tripod is one of the latest products from Airistech along the Airis Janus. The similarities between these two Airis products is that they both offer multiple functionalities. The Janus can do both 510 threaded oil carts as well … Read more

Wolkenkraft FX Mini Dry Herb Vaporizer

Wolkenkraft FX Mini Vaporizer Review

We have been testing out the Wolkenkraft FX Mini convection vaporizer for the last few weeks. I was looking forward to trying the FX Mini out after completing our review on the Wolkenkraft FX+ vaporizer recently. I enjoyed using the FX+, however, the FX Mini has full digital control and it is more portable.  Let’s … Read more

Flowermate Cross Vaporzier

Flowermate Cross Vaporizer Review

Flowermate has recently launched its latest vaporizer to the market, the Flowermate Cross with dual vaporizing functions. As you may know, Flowermate used to make herbal vaporizers only and built a solid fan base around the world. Herbal vaporizers like the V5 OX and V5 Os series are used an loved by thousands of people around … Read more