Haze Square Vape Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

Check out our comprehensive Haze Square Vape Cleaning & Maintenance Guide and keep your vape in ship-shape condition! One of the hottest portable vape drops of 2017 was without a doubt the ultra-premium quad chamber Haze Square Portable Vape. While the Haze is an amazing vape, it requires a little more attention than some other portable … Read more

Haze Square Pro Portable Vape Review: First Session [VIDEO]

It’s not often that a portable vape sweeps me off my feet right from the word go. That was definitely the case with the Haze Square Pro Portable Vape, but now I can’t get enough of it! Haze Technology’s new offering has been on the market for almost a year now and has been gaining … Read more

Haze Square Pro Kit

Haze Square Pro Portable Vaporizer: VapeFuse First Look

One of 2018’s hottest anticipated vape releases was without a doubt the quad-chamber Haze Square Pro Portable Vape from Atlanta, Georgia-based company Haze Technologies.  Micro-dosers and lovers of dosing capsules will rejoice; this device, like the DynaVap “M” 2018 Edition, is known as an ‘on-demand’ vaporizer which means that you have to preheat the chamber … Read more

12+1 Lifestyle Vaporizer Images of 2016 That You Must See

2016 is just about to end, here at VapeFuse, this year will definitely leave a mark. It’s been a jam-packed year of new partnerships, new products, refreshed blog design and many beautiful vape images, that earned our community’s thumb’s up. And so before 2017 ushers in, we lined up our most popular shots this year. … Read more