Crave Quantum Concentrate Vape

First Session: Crave Quantum Concentrate Vape

Our mates over at @crave_vapes down in Melbourne have recently come out with their pilot concentrate vaporizer, the Crave Quantum. Concentrate vapes are the easiest and most discreet way to consume your dabs for now. While Puffco Peak’s and CloudV ElectroMini’s may be an awesome at-home alternative to hitting a dab off a nail or banger, … Read more

Crave Onix vs DaVinci IQ

VapeFuse Breakdown: Crave Onix vs DaVinci IQ

Two of the portable vaporizers that I’m likely to refer a customer to when they’re looking for tasty, terpy hits are the Crave Onix and DaVinci IQ portable herb vaporizers. These unique-looking portables share pretty similar chambers and vapor paths and produce some of the sweetest hybrid convection/conduction vapor you’ll be likely to come across. If … Read more

Crave Quantum

Sneak Peak: Crave Quantum Concentrate Pen

Crave have been on fire lately with their portable line of vaporizers, bringing out three new portables in the last six months alone! I’ve been lucky enough to cop both the Crave Cloud and the all-new Crave Onix to test out before they hit the shelves, and have been loving the progression the Melbourne-based vape … Read more

Crave Onix Portable Herb Vape

VapeFuse First Session: Crave Onix Portable Herb Vape

What’s up VapeFuse fam? I’m stoked that you’re here with me today to experience the VapeFuse exclusive first session on the all-new Crave Onix premium herb vape. After a recent first look expose of the new Aussie-designed portable, we finally got to load up the device and blow some clouds. The Crave Onix is a … Read more

Crave Cloud Portable Vape

Crave Cloud Portable Vape: VapeFuse Exclusive First Review [VIDEO]

Hey VapeFusers, Well, the wait is finally over! We’ve finally got the Crave Cloud in stock in the VapeFuse store and are ready to unleash it on the vaping world! The second edition in the Aussie-designed Crave Vaporizers line of portable devices, the Crave Cloud is a discreet little powerhouse with an exquisite vapor path … Read more

Crave Air vs PAX3: Which One's for You?

Crave Air vs PAX 3: Which One’s for You?

Hey VapeFusers, I recently introduced you guys to the PAX 3 portable vaporizer for dry herb. It wasn’t as impressive as I hoped, and in my opinion wasn’t even as decent as the Crave Air, a model almost half its price! We recently unveiled the Crave Cloud, while the Crave Air has been on the market … Read more

Crave Cloud Portable Vaporizer

FIRST LOOK: Crave Cloud Portable Vaporizer

Hey VapeFuse fam! Keeping you guys up to date with the latest in vaping news and content is what we do best. Whenever there’s a new vape that’s generating buzz we make it our mission to get our hands on a copy for review. Last week we copped the latest product from Aussie-based Crave Vaporizers. From … Read more