dry hit vape

A Dry Hit Vape: Causes and Prevention

Vapers are acutely aware of their personal limitations and the difficulties that they may face throughout their vaping journey. They are all familiar with the horrible sensation of pulling a puff from their beloved e-juice and just receiving a hellish experience with no taste, a fully excruciating throat hit, and a ruined coil. These are … Read more

Manual Vape Review: DynaVap M 2018 vs. Iolite Original Portable Vape

While using a manual vape may seem like an arduous task to some, for many of us, not having the restrictions that a battery brings is an awesome feature!  If you’re a portable vaping fanatic that loves taking their prized portable with them everywhere, having a manual vape means that you’ll never have to worry … Read more

Flowermate Swift Pro portable vaporizer

Flowermate Swift Pro Portable Vape: Expert Review

The vaping experts over at VapeFuse.com recently picked up a copy of the ultra-premium Flowermate Swift Pro Portable Vape to review.  Being a huge fan of the Flowermate line of portable vapes, I was super interested to see how successful their first delve into the premium portable vaporizer market is.  The Flowermate Swift Pro’s packaging … Read more