Flowermate Cross Vaporzier

Flowermate Cross Vaporizer Review

Flowermate has recently launched its latest vaporizer to the market, the Flowermate Cross with dual vaporizing functions. As you may know, Flowermate used to make herbal vaporizers only and built a solid fan base around the world. Herbal vaporizers like the V5 OX and V5 Os series are used an loved by thousands of people around … Read more

Wolkenkraft FX+ Dry Herb Convection Vaporizer Review

Wolkenkraft FX+ Dry Herb Convection Vaporizer Review

The Wolkenkraft FX+ is a unique dry herb vaporizer that is super simple to use. We got our hands on an FX+ recently and have been testing it out here in the office diligently. Let me share with you what we have found so far. The Wolkenkraft FX+ is a true convection vaporizer. It utilizes … Read more

Herb-e Intelligent Vapor Dry Herb Vaporzier

Herb-e Intelligent Vapor – Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Herb-e dry herb vaporzier is manufactured by Mig Vapor and we have been testing this dry herb pen for the last few weeks. The Herb-e is a discreet entry level vaporzier that is priced below $60 making it affordable for anyone wanting to switch to vaping from smoking joints or hitting bongs. The Design … Read more

Dray Herbal Vaporizer by Mig Vapor

Dray Herbal Vaporizer by Mig Vapor

We have been testing out the Dray vaporizer for dry herbs by Mig Vapor for the last couple of weeks. In this post, I share our experience, so if you are considering getting one, you know what to expect. The Design of the Dray Vaporizer The Dray vaporizer kit is packed in a small and … Read more

Atman Starlight Portable Vaporizer

Atman Starlight Portable Vaporizer Review

The Atman Starlight is a herbal and wax capable vaporizer that we have been testing out for the last few weeks. The Starlight is a very different vaporizer to the other Atman product, the Pretty Plus that we’ve reviewed recently here on the VapeFuse Blog. The Atman Starlight is a box style vape with a … Read more

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Atman Pretty Plus 510 Thread Herbal Vaporizer Review

510 thread batteries are taking over the vaping world. They are becoming increasingly popular for liquid and wax vaporizing and better and better herbal attachments are coming to the market as well. We have recently reviewed the RBT Splinter, that turned out to be an awesome vaporizer. It blew us away with the quantity and quality … Read more

Airis Herborn and Switch - Two New Herbal Vaporizers from Airistech

Airis Herborn and Switch – Two New Herbal Vaporizers from Airistech

The Airis Herborn and Switch are two brand new herbal vaporizers from Airistech that we have been testing out for the last few weeks. We cover these two vapes in one post as they are very similar in terms of design and functionality. The major difference between these two devices is that the Herborn has the ceramic … Read more

RBT Splinter 510 Battery Dry Herb Attachment Kit

The RBT Splinter – Dry Herb Convection Vaporizer for 510 Thread Mod Batteries

Herbal and liquid vaping have traditionally required very different equipment. If you are into herbal vaping as well as vaping e-liquids, you had to have two separate vaporizers, one for your e-juice and one for your dry herbs. Up until recently the 510 thread mod batteries (that have been super popular for vaping e-juices) had very … Read more

Sticky Brick Runt

Sticky Brick Labs Runt Manual Vaporizer Review

Recently we have been reviewing a few manual herbal vaporizers and quite honestly, I am falling in love with them. There is something special about generating your vapor manually without any electronics, that you can feel in the flavor as well as in the effect. The latest addition to our manual collection is the newest … Read more

AirVape X Portable Vape: Apollo AirVape Sneak Peek

We recently copped the AirVape X (Apollo AirVape) by AirVape USA and were taken aback by how sleek and discreet this thing is! The AirVape X is the second-gen release in the AirVape line of portables and features a hard-shell plastic carry case for transporting your vape on the go. This hard-shell carry case protects … Read more

VapMan Vape Review: VapeFuse Manual Vape Review

VapeFuse recently reviewed the VapMan Manual Vape! This Swiss-made portable vape is super high-quality and emits some of the finest vapor on the market. Anything that’s made in Switzerland is generally of the highest quality, such as their knives, watches, and of course, chocolate! The VapMan is no different and is the connoisseur’s weapon of … Read more

The Lotus Vape: VapeFuse Manual Vape Review

Meet The Lotus Vape: a manual vape with amazing flavor and a super user-friendly interface from Mendocino County in California.  This stylish little number is sort of like a cross between a VaporGenie and a DynaVap, both of which are world-renowned for their tremendous terp extraction.  If you’re in the market for a top-quality herbal … Read more

Boundless CFX Portable Vape Review [VIDEO]

Looking to pick up a Boundless CFX portable vaporizer but want to get the facts first? Check out our CFX Video Review here at VapeFuse! The VapeFuse HQ was blessed with a couple of Boundless Tech’s latest model portable vapes and we’ve been having an awesome few weeks of pushing them to the absolute limit! … Read more

Boundless CFV kit contents

Boundless CFV Portable Vape Review [VIDEO]

What’s up VapeFusers! We have had an awesome time breaking down the Boundless CFV Portable Vape and a couple of other Boundless Technology vapes and have put together this video review for you guys to check out.  The Boundless Tech vapes are sleek and affordable and have been making waves recently due to the brand’s … Read more