How to Vape Hash with Your Vaporizer: Vaping Hash 101

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Ah…the age-old question. Will I ruin my $200+ herb vape by putting sticky, resinous hashish inside of it? The answer is not always a simple one.

Funnily enough, there are very few vaporizers that’ve been designed with the intention of vaping hash, meaning that hashish enthusiasts, or hashishologists, have had to resort to less than savory methods, such as spliffs and water pipes.

Obviously hashish, being a concentrate, is going to be a lot richer in cannabinoids means that vaping hash is going to give you a much more intense high than regular herb.

vaping hash

While consuming your hash through a glass bowl with a piece of hemp wick like pictured above is far healthier than a tobacco spliff, it still takes away from the flavor of your cannabis resin and can leave a bad taste in your mouth and smell in the room.

Above are three different varieties of hash; dry sift (or kief/kiff), butane hash oil (bho), and block hash, the most common variety throughout Europe and South East Asia.

When using a vaporizer to expertly vaporize your hashish you’re getting the full flavor and effect, which are both marvelous. There are three herb vapes that I highly recommend using if you want to start vaping hash.

vaping hash

1) Crave Cloud Portable Herb Vape – RRP$150 ($199au)

Best suited for use with block hash, or harder forms of hashish such as Polm and Moroc, is the Crave Cloud portable vape. It features a bottom loading ceramic chamber that gets super hot and utilizes a hybrid convection/conduction vaping method.

If you’re looking to get buzzed, crumble up some block hash like the OG Kush 128u dry seive pictured above and sprinkle it liberally into the chamber.

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By cranking the temperature up, you’re going to be getting a lot denser vapor and an awesome vaping experience. If you thought hash was potent in a bong, you’ve got another thing coming!

vaping hash

2) Vapir Oxygen Mini Desktop Vaporizer– RRP$89 ($117au)

In terms of getting terpenes and flavonoids to atomize is a tasty way, few do it better than the US-designed and manufactured Vapir Oxygen Mini Desktop Vaporizer.

While most desktops, like the Volcano Classic and Digit, come equipped with a liquid pad for concentrate vaporization, the sheer size of the unit dictates that not much vapor will be produced, even with a huge glob of wax.

The compact size of the Vapir Oxygen Mini means that you can take huge draws of concentrate vapor without collapsing a lung from exertion! My favorite is a little weed on the bottom, topped off with a blob of cannabis distillate. Talk about terps!

vaping hash

….. A Quick Note on Pressing Dry Sift

One of the first things you should invest in when you start using cannabis is a decent quality herb grinder. My go-to is the GrindeROO Premium 4-Piece Herb Grinder due to it having a much wider micron screen for excess resin production.

If you’re looking to supercharge your joint, chamber, or bowl, after a while collect the resin glands, also referred to as kief, dusties etc, from the bottom of your grinder for pressing.

vaping hash

Using a resin press like the one in the previous image to squish your dry sift together is an easy little way to make some DIY hash and get started with hash vaping.

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The little golden hash puck pictured above came from resin from Critical Haze and WiFi OG plants, making for a super potent and perfumy Indica dry sift hash.

vaping hash

3) Arizer Solo Portable Herb Vape – RRP$175 ($235au)

Another old favorite that’s great for vaping hash is the classic Arizer Solo portable vape from Canadian manufacturer Arizer Tech.

Now, as this vaporizer utilizes a unique form of vaporization known as obscurant vaping, hash oil and more viscous concentrates are unacceptable for use as it will likely drip into the chamber, leaving it stained.

It is, however, suitable for use with dry sift or crumbled up hashish when mixed in with ground cannabis. If you’ve ever wanted to supercharge your vape’s chamber before, grab an Arizer Solo and get hash vaping today!

vaping hash

For all of you hash enthusiasts out there that have made the switch to vaping, I commend you on your efforts and reward you with this post! You don’t know how often people ask me this somewhat simple question.

Remember to always consult your vaporizers manual before using it to consume hash, and if you’re still stumped on whether you can use your vape for concentrates drop me a comment below and I should be able to help you out!

Scott Green

Scott Green

Who's Scott Green? An author, an eccentric, a lover of 90s Hip Hop, and of course, a cannabis enthusiast! Originally from Australia, I have spent the last couple of years living in Denver, CO, where I write articles on cannabis and vaping.

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