Boundless Terp Pen and Terp Pen XL Review

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In this post, we’ll have a detailed look at the popular Boundless Terp Pen and its big brother the Terp Pen XL nectar collector.

New Generation of Dab Pens – High tech, portable and discreet

Boundless has created the next generation of wax pens in its new line of concentrate vaporizers. The Terp Pen includes features like inhale activation, that you only used to see in 510 threaded oil cartridge vaporizers.

The Terp Pen wax vaporizers are nectar collector style pens that can be used in 3 different ways to suit your needs.

1, You can simply dip the coil directly into your concentrate bowl and inhale.

2, You can put some cannabis wax onto a dab tool and press it to the coil and inhale.

3, The most discreet way is to add some wax onto the coil, put the magnetic lid back on and inhale when you are ready.

The result is a wonderfully designed discreet breath activated on-demand vape pen that makes concentrate vaping available to most of us.

One of the advantages of honey collectors is that the heating element is as far away from the mouthpiece as possible. This way you have the longest vapor path resulting in much nicer and cooler vapor than most other wax pens.

Boundless Technology

The Terp Pen is manufactured by Boundless Technology in China. We have reviewed a few dry herb vaporizers from Boundless, such as the CFV, CFX, and Boundless Tera vaporizers.

After bringing their dry herb vaporizers to market, Boundless Technolgy launched their first dab pen, the Boundless CF-710 wax pen. Following the growing popularity of cannabis, concentrate vaporizing the Terp Pen took Boundless’ wax vape offering to the next level.

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Boundless vaporizers are known for their affordable products. They bring high end vaporizing technology to lower-priced vapes, making such technology available to more users.

Terp Pen vs Terp Pen XL – What’s the difference?

Boundless Terp Pen Wax Pens

The original Terp Pen was followed by two successors, the Terp Pen and the Terp Pen XL. Both of these vaporizers are different from the original Terp Pen.

The Terp Pen features a 300mAh, 3.7V battery, while the XL has more than twice the mAh at 700mAh. The Terp Pen XL also features 3 variable voltage settings (3.3V, 3.7V, and 4.0V) as well as a concentrate storage compartment in the tip of the magnetic cap.

The XL is significantly larger in size and obviously, the battery life lasts a lot longer as it is more than twice the capacity of the smaller one.

These are the basic differences between the two sizes, however, we’ll cover more settle differences as we discuss them further.

Replaceable Ceramic Coil

Boundless Replaceable Coils

These wax pens utilize a replaceable ceramic coil heating element to vaporize your concentrate.

The coils are made using high-quality ceramic that is wrapped into a medical-grade stainless steel coil wire.

The coils are easy to replace simply screw the used one out and in goes the new one. Replacement coils are relatively inexpensive at about 5 bucks a coil at the time of this review.

How do you use a Boundless Terp Pen?

Using these honey collectors is as simple as it gets. There is no button to push, you simply dip the coil into your herbal concentrates, wax, shatter or resin and inhale.

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The amount of vapor you get with a hit is entirely up to you. You can take a very small hit and literally microdose with these pens. Or on the other hand, you can take up to 10-second draws for massive vapor hits, if that’s what you are after.

There are 3 ways you can use these honey collectors as mentioned above. It is really a straightforward experience that you’ll pick very quickly.

Adjustable Voltage/Heat

When using the XL model, you have adjustable temperature settings available to you. To toggle between your variable voltage settings, simply tap the vape 3 times with your finger around the USB charging port.

You’ll notice the LED light changing color as you keep tapping around the port where the micro USB cable plugs into the device.

Blue color LED indicates 3.3V, green is 3.7V and red is 4.0 Volt. The higher the voltage setting, the hotter your quartz coil will be.

Treat these three settings as low, medium, and high heat settings to keep it simple.

What’s included in the Box?

What's in the box?

Both of these dab pens come in a nicely designed small box. In the box, you’ll find the vape pen, a micro USB charging cable, a cleaning brush, and a dabbing tool.

quick start guide is conveniently printed on the inside of the box for your convenience.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Both of these wax pens are very modular. you can easily pull them apart for cleaning and maintenance. Disassemble the unit as you can see in the picture and wipe all stainless steel parts off with Isopropyl Alcohol.


Concentrate vaping is becoming more popular as cannabis concentrates become available to more and more people.

Wax pens like these literally can eliminate the need for a dab rig and deliver just as a flavorful hit. You can consume as little or as much concentrate as you’d like. You can use a pan like this for micro-dosing or for delivering high doses.

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