Boundless Tera Vape Review: Super Versatile Portable Vape [VIDEO]

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Heard about the Boundless Tera Vape? The VapeFuse crew recently copped the latest version and have just dropped a video review. Check it out!

One of the hottest vapes on the market right now, the Boundless Tera, is one of the most multi-functional portables we at team VapeFuse have ever come across.

The Tera comes equipped out-of-the-box with three interchangeable mouthpieces, has an insanely big kit, and offers high-performance dry herb and concentrate vaping capabilities. 

Featuring a food-grade plastic mouthpiece that swings away for when it’s being stored on-the-go, the Boundless Tera is actually pretty darn portable for a vape of its size. 

Check out the full video review here! 

The Tera’s stainless steel baking chamber has been optimized for both dry herb and concentrate, which is a feat that’s basically unheard of in the portable vaping world.

Sure, there are a bunch of vapes out there that claim to be ‘hybrid vapes,‘ but in actuality, these liquid pads almost never work in the way that you’d intend them to.

The Boundless Tera is the first portable I’ve come across to feature separate dry herb and concentrate modes for heating, though that’s mainly because I don’t classify the Dr. Dabber Switch as a portable vape. 

Like the rest of the Boundless Technology family that we have in stock, the Boundless Tera comes equipped with the food-grade plastic mouthpiece when you receive it. 

Unlike the CFV and CFV though, you can switch up your draw style and airflow by changing the mouthpieces over, with each alternate piece offering a different vaping style. 

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With the traditional sidewinder mouthpiece, your airflow is restricted a bit and the mouthpiece is prone to becoming quite hot. 

The glass mouthpiece, though, has the best airflow around, meaning that the vapor that you’re inhaling is a lot cooler due to the excess oxygen in your vapor path.

Compared to the Boundless CFX, the Boundless Tera’s digital display is relatively simple, but the big numbers are a nice touch and the thing has great vibration notifications. 

At any given time you can check the temp, battery life, and see whether or not your device is heating. Switching the vape over to concentrate mode with three clicks will allow you to hit the top temp of 500°F (260°C). 

While this is definitely a vape that needs to be burnt off before use, once the chamber is good and cleaned, the Tera is an ultra-high performer, blowing huge clouds from temps as low as 340°F (170°C). 

The glass mouthpiece is a lot better at cooling the vapor and extracting the terps, in my opinion, but aim to finish your session off a little lower with this one because the mouthpiece itself will get hot after a while. 

My favorite way to hit this vape is through the water pipe as it helps to tame the immense clouds and really get you the most out of your herb blend. 

The universal water pipe adapter that comes with the Boundless Tera vape is just like the vape really; as versatile as it gets!

In its standard form you can chuck it directly into an 18mm or 14mm female down-stem, and by unscrewing the base and turning the adapter part upside down makes the adapter compatible with male down-stem joints.

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Clearing this bad boy is no mean feat, it actually reminds me of punching a bong only without the stale smell and gross hint of combustion. 

The Boundless Tera is a true winner and will surely be the perfect vape for anyone looking to transition from smoking their herb to vaping it

Summing up, the Tera is the perfect vape for the herb connoisseur who is looking to take their session to new heights both at home and on-the-go. 

If you think that you can handle the brute force that is the Boundless Tera Portable Vape, scoop one up today for VapeFuse for the best service in the game!

Included in the Boundless Tera’s Kit is: 

Boundless Tera Portable Vape
Glass Mouthpiece Attachment
2 x 2500mAh 18650 Lithium Ion Batteries (rechargeable)
5 x Stainless Steel Chamber Screens
Stainless Steel Liquid Pad
Universal Water Pipe Adapter
2 x Mouthpiece Screens
Cleaning Brush
Packing and Loading Tool
Micro-USB Charging Cable
User Manual

Score your very own Boundless Tera Portable Vape from the herb vaping experts at!

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