Best Wax Vapes 2018: VapeFuse Dab Pen Buying Guide

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Best Wax Vapes 2018: VapeFuse Dab Pen Buying Guide

Looking to purchase a new dab pen but don’t know which model to go with? Have a flick through the VapeFuse Best Wax Vapes 2018 Dab Pen Buying Guide and find out which model is right for you!

Dab pens are a new phenomenon that has been taking off recently due to their discreet nature and low relative cost in relation to premium herbal vapes.

Most dry herb vapes still give off a distinct herbaceous aroma, while these dab pens on the other hand, appear to be far more similar to a regular e-Cigarette or box mod vape.

The 2017-18 vaping season bought us a bunch of new wax vapes, but only a few made it onto the Best Wax Vapes 2018 Buying Guide! Read on and find out what’s hot in concentrate vaping right now!

Best Wax Vapes 2018 line up

This years list includes four new up-and-coming vape pens that are currently taking the market by storm. They are all discreet, powerful, and unique in their own right with each model offering subtle differences.

From left to right are the Airistech Headbanger, Crave Quantum, iFocus DabMini, and the X Max V-One Plus! All of these devices were released within the past twelve months, which qualifies them for the Best Wax Vapes 2018 Buying Guide. 

Earlier in the year we delivered a Which Vape Pen is Right For You’ wax pen buying guide that featured some winners from previous years like the Dr. Dabber Aurora and the Puffco Plus, but this year it was all fresh faces!

Now, enough chit chat, lets kick off VapeFuse’s Best Wax Vapes 2018 Buying Guide with a bang!

Best Wax Vapes 2018 V-One Plus

X Max V-One Plus Concentrate Vape

Easily the hottest release from X Max’s awesome new wax range of portable vapes, the upgraded X Max V-One Plus is one of the most economical dab pens I’ve come across.

The V-One Plus’s chunky body and durable feel really add to its purchase appeal, and the fact that it comes in at under $70 is another huge bonus!

X Max V-One Plus Best Wax Vapes 2018

Constructed from aluminium alloy, the X Max V-One Plus easily qualifies for the Best Wax Vapes 2018 Buying Guide both for its bold style and the ingenious way it generates vapor.

The V-One Plus comes equipped with a spill-proof glass mouthpiece with a three-piece interior glass filter that helps stop concentrates from bubbling up.

While most vaporizers come equipped with a coil or rod style of atomizer, the X Max V-One Plus’s ceramic donut-atomizer works better than any I’ve come across.

atomizer donut Best Wax Vapes 2018

I know that both the Vapir Pen and the Dr. Dabber Aurora that we broke down in out Vape Pen Buying Guide featured donut-atomizers, however, I didn’t really find either of these to be very effective.

The X Max V-One Plus, on the other hand, has a much wider surface area for atomizing concentrates meaning it functions in the way a regular dab nail would.

When I say this thing is economical, I’m not just talking about the price. If you glob around 0.1g of concentrate into the X Max V-One Plus’s ceramic donut-atomizer you can look to pull 20 to 30 long draws before having to reload.

Imagine hitting twenty or so dabs off a mere 0.1 grams! This is largely owing to the ultra-low temps that the V-One Plus exudes. Its donut-atomizer slowly heats the concentrate within, while the residual wax around the sides of the donut further adds to the mix.

atomizer x max pens Best Wax Vapes 2018

The X Max V-One Plus is , on the other hand,, making it an easy device to maintain. When pictured here next to its little brother the X Max Stark, the V-One Plus’s modular nature really comes into plain sight.

CCELL Rizo 510 Battery - Elevate Your Vaping Experience

Its atomizer can be broken down into five different pieces, meaning that the compact device can actually be broken down into seven separate pieces for a quick clean!

With an internal 510-Battery, the X Max V-One Plus can be used to vape your favorite dab cartridges like any disposable vape pen!

If you want to find out how to make your own disposable dab cartridges, check out our full walk-through guide on mixing up cannabis-infused vape juice with shatter batter!

atomizer x max v-one plus Best Wax Vapes 2018

Vaping concentrates should always be tasty – its basically an extract so all of the flavors present should be super pungent.

It’s rare that you come across a bad dab pen, the technology behind it is simple so all of them can do it, finding a really good dab pen can sometimes become an arduous task though.

The X Max V-One Plus definitely qualifies for this category, producing some of the greatest tasting vapor you’re likely to come across.

Its power was unmatched until I met the Airistech line of QCell wax vapes later this year, but it definitely wins out on the economic front.

For best results, load up a small ball of concentrate into the center of the X Max V-One Plus’ ceramic donut-atomizer and press the button briefly a couple of times to slightly melt the wax.

This will result in a more even toking experience and help the residual well of oil to build up beneath the atomizers ring. As mentioned before, you can expect huge amounts of clouds from a relatively small amount of concentrate.

Included in the X Max V-One Plus Kit is:

1 x X Max V-One Plus Portable Vape 1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable 1 x Packing/Loading Tool 4 x O-Rings (2 Big/2 Small) 1 x Cleaning Brush for Mouthpiece User Manual

Best Wax Vapes 2018 crave quantum

Crave Quantum Concentrate Vape

Our mates down at Crave Vaporizers in Melbourne have been killing it lately with their new line of premium portable vaporizers.

This year marked their first step into the wax vapes line, and right off the bat, they’ve come up with a doozy, qualifying them for the Best Wax Vapes 2018 Buying Guide. 

The Crave Quantum is one of the first wax vapes I’ve come across to feature an external glass aqua-bubbler for helping to cool down the wax vapor. While this obviously limits the vape’s portability a little bit, the optional aqua-bubbler is meant as more of an at-home attachment.

Crave Quantum Best Wax Vapes 2018

Crave’s pilot concentrate vape stands at around the same height as the X Max V-One Plus, and also features a similar hidden concentrate jar that screws into the base of the pen.

The Quantum’s mouthpiece is a little better for airflow, meaning that you can get much larger hits of vapor, however, it runs a little hot comparatively so I definitely recommend investing in the optional bubbler.

Crave Quantum Best Wax Vapes 2018 low volume

One thing that Crave knocked it out of the park with was their unique atomizers! Equipped with both a high-volume and low-volume coil depending on whether you’re looking for a quick hit or a long sesh, the Crave Quantum has an atomizer to suit every style.

The low-volume coil, pictured above, is constructed from ceramic and is a little similar to a traditional coil atomizer but with a few subtle differences.

Its internal well beneath the coil helps with airflow and consistent atomization, as well as working in unison with the full-ceramic chamber to deliver a dual convection/conduction vapor.

This atomizer runs a little hotter than Crave’s high-volume coil and is recommended for someone that’s looking to get the same effect they would from a dab.

Crave Quantum Best Wax Vapes 2018 high volume

The Crave Quantum’s high-volume ceramic vaping atomizer is super unique and unlike any I’ve come across.

CloudV Phantom Mini Portable Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]

It has an ingeniously intricate way of atomizing concentrates, using precision low-temperatures to firs melt the wax into a residual well before it is eventually converted into vapor.

Crave Vaporizer’s attention to detail and total innovation with the Crave Quantum made them a shoe-in for the Best Wax Vapes 2018 Buying Guide, their first step into the dab pen market is definitely an impressive one.

Crave Quantum Best Wax Vapes 2018 water bubbler

When vaping with the optional glass aqua-bubbler the whole experience became a lot more enjoyable.

The low-volume coil ran a little hot, in my opinion, so using the bubbler to help cool the dense vapor was a welcome experience.

If you’re looking at scooping a Crave Quantum Portable Vaporizer I thoroughly recommend investing in the glass aqua-bubbler for at-home use, you’ll thank me for it!

Crave Quantum Concentrate Vape Best Wax Vapes 2018 session

The Crave Quantum kills it in terms of both flavor and vapor production. It produces super sweet clouds of concentrate vapor, especially when vaping with the high volume coil.

Crave’s introduction of the dual-atomizers are truly welcome as it allows you to experiment with a number of different concentrates at once!

If you’re a daily user, having the ability to load up Sativa wax for the morning and Indica wax for the evening is awesome.

All in all, the Crave Quantum is an awesome little concentrate vape that’s going to change the way you look at consuming your wax. Crave Vaporizer’s ingenuity was super welcome this year, it was great to see an Aussie make it to the Best Wax Vapes 2018 Buying Guide!

Included in the Crave Quantum’s Kit is:

1 x Crave Quantum Wax Vaporizer w/ Glass Mouthpiece 1 x Ceramic Low-Volume Coil Atomizer 1 x Ceramic High-Volume Box Atomizer 1 x Dab Tool 1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable User Manual

Best Wax Vapes 2018 dabmini

iFocus DabMini 3-in1 Wax Pen

The next competitor, the iFocus DabMini, easily takes out the prize for the most functional concentrate vape on this Best Wax Vapes 2018 Dab Pen Buying Guide!

Irregardless of whatever type of concentrate material you’re dealing with, iFocus’s pilot dab pen is capable of converting it into sweet clouds of tasty vapor.

iFocus Wax Pen kit Best Wax Vapes 2018

iFocus are most famous for their ultra-premium line of FocusVape portable vaporizers which they’ve been making since 2016.

Their first step into the concentrate market came earlier this year with the release of their super unique 3-in-1 wax pen, the iFocus DabMini.

While I initially found the vape to be quite perplexing, after a couple of sessions and taking some time to get to know the DabMini, I was blown away by its complexity.

Aside from functioning like a traditional wax pen with a loadable atomizer, the iFocus DabMini also comes equipped with a 510-thread battery and even a nectar-collector function!

iFocus Wax Pen 510 Best Wax Vapes 2018

If you’re living in a state or province with liberal cannabis laws, you’ll be pleased to know that your iFocus DabMini is compatible with almost every disposable dab cartridge on the market.

As long as your atomizer cartridge has a 510-thread you’ll be able to screw it directly into your device’s atomizer and puff away mess-free with total discreetness.

These disposable wax pens and cartridges are taking over the legal cannabis industry, so you’ll find most pens coming with a 510-compatible battery these days.

iFocus Wax Pen dab Best Wax Vapes 2018

If you’re more into dabbing regular concentrates instead of liquefied cannabis oil, the iFocus DabMini features two quartz crystal-dusted atomizers that are super effective at producing huge clouds of concentrate vapor.

These atomizers are super absorbent, meaning that you don’t have to worry about all of your concentrate dissolving off the first hit, and the quartz atomizers produce a vapor as tasty as any that I’ve come across.

Concentrated Review: Breaking Down the X Vape Vista Portable eRig/eNail

The single cup atomizer can contain up to 0.1 grams of concentrate, which can be atomized discreetly on the go with a quick push of the button.

Best Wax Vapes 2018 Buying Guide

If hitting your dabs through the pen itself wasn’t enough for you then why not try chucking the iFocus DabMini into the end of your favorite glass piece!

The DabMini’s stainless steel mouthpiece slots directly into the end of a 10mm water pipe down-stem, but if you’ve got a glass cone-shaped bowl you can try and improvise to make it airtight while you’re pulling.

This device is powerful but compact, so using the water pipe when taking big tokes is definitely a better option. While some may protest that this is just the same as dabbing: no butane, no torch, no dirty banger. Game, set, match.

iFocus Wax Pen dip Best Wax Vapes 2018

What had me baffled to begin with was the strange shape of the second atomizer. After I while I realized that what I was looking at was a portable, battery-powered nectar collector!

For the dabbing novices out there, a nectar collector is a hybrid dab rig/pipe that utilizes a small heated nail on the end of a glass hand-pipe to atomize tiny amounts of concentrate that are in turn sucked up through end of the glass straw.

The iFocus DabMini utilizes a similar technology to atomize tiny globs of concentrate without having to worry about getting your loading tool all sticky.

Simply dip the end of the atomizer into a small jar of concentrate while holding the button in and inhale!

iFocus Wax Pen Best Wax Vapes 2018

The iFocus DabMini produces huge rips of ultra-sweet concentrate vapor consistently and is super affordable, making it the perfect device for concentrate novices and connoisseurs alike!

iFocus’s pilot dab pen, like Crave Vaporizers’ Crave Quantum, made it to this Best Wax Vapes 2018 Buying Guide for its ingenuity and ultimate user-friendliness.

If you’re in the market for an oil vape that is an all-round performer, you’ve found your match in the iFocus DabMini!

Included in the iFocus DabMini Concentrate Vaporizer Kit is:

1 x iFocus DabMini Portable Vape 1 x Quartz-Crystal Wax Pen Atomizer 1 x Quartz-Crystal Nectar Collector Atomizer 1 x Cleaning Tool 1 x Dab Tool/Loading Tool 1 x USB 510-Thread Charging Cable User Manual

Best Wax Vapes 2018

Airistech Headbanger Dip & Dab Vaporizer

The standout concentrate vaporizer in this Best Wax Vapes 2018 Buying Guide  is without a doubt the Airistech Headbanger 2-in-1 Vape.

This device features dual ‘Dip & Dab’ atomizers for vaping your favorite concentrate and is as user-friendly as it gets.

With the included glass aqua-bubbler you can take massive tokes of concentrate vapor without breaking a sweat or succumbing to a coughing fit.

Airistech’s new quartz-inclusive line of wax vaporizers all feature the advanced QCell Quartz Heating Technology that the brand is slowly becoming famous for.

Airistech Headbanger Kit Best Wax Vapes 2018

The Airistech Headbanger comes equipped with every vaping accessory you could possibly need t dab on the go, even including two concealable quartz jars with silicone lids for on-the-go concentrate consumption.

These quartz jars slot directly into the magnetic-bottom of the Headbanger, giving you the ability to transport up to a gram of two separate varieties of wax while you’re on-the-go.

Airistech’s premium concentrate vape is definitely the most aesthetic on the Best Wax Vape 2018 Buying Guide list, appearing more like a high-end box mod vape than a dab pen, but this does nothing but add to its premium image!

Airistech Headbanger Atomizers Best Wax Vapes 2018

Coined the ‘Dip & Dab’ wax vaporizer by manufacturer Airistech, the QCell Headbanger 2-in-1 Wax Vape is capable of atomizing your favorite concentrates in a number of ways.

The interior of the two atomizers is constructed entirely from quartz and quartz crystals, meaning that the vapor generated is of the highest quality and has some of the best flavor around!

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These patented QCell Quartz-Authority atomizers are super absorbent and deliver a clean, consistent stream of vapor time and time again.

Other QCell vapes, like the Airistech Q-Tip almost qualified for the Best Wax Vapes 2018 Buying Guide based on their atomizers alone!

The Q1 Dab Atomizer (above left) runs a little cooler than the nectar collector (Q2 Dip Atomizer) so you can ensure for better flavor when using this atomizer.

Airistech Headbanger Best Wax Vapes 2018

Airistech’s Q2 Dip Atomizer screws directly into the end of the Headbanger and can only be used once the Q1 Dab Atomizer has been removed.

When not in use, the atomizer can be concealed under the magnetic bottom cap so it can be protected from possible contaminants.

When used together with the concealable quartz jar you can really take advantage of the portable power of the Airistech Headbanger. I really like this device in comparison to the iFocus DabMini as it is a fair bit easier to clean and maintain.

The Q2 Dip Atomizer has been designed in such a way that any residual concentrate gets atomizers away, meaning clogging becomes a thing of the past.

Airistech Headbanger Best Wax Vapes 2018

With its wideset glass aqua-bubbler, the Headbanger has amazing airflow, meaning you can take much larger hits of sweet concentrate vapor than you would’ve normally been able to with a wax pen.

If you’re using the device on-the-go as a portable wax pen, I definitely recommend loading up the Q1 Dab Atomizer with a tiny ball of concentrate and using the discreet dabbing method, as the Q2 Dip Coil could attract some unwanted attention.

The nectar collector function is awesome for at-home use, as you never have to worry about cleaning your banger or nail, burning yourself on the torch, or even running out of butane gas.

When you do get a bit of time away from prying eyes, it’s definitely worth testing out the nectar collection function. Never before have I been able to pull clouds as big as this through a wax pen, it’s unbelievable!


If you’re a concentrate connoisseur that’s on the lookout for the best wax vape on the market, the Airistech Headbanger is the vape that you’ve been looking for.

The Headbanger has it all: mind-blowing vapor production, next-level connoisseur grade flavor, and best of all, a totally reasonable price tag! All of this and more made the Airistech Headbanger our top pick for the Best Wax Vapes 2018 Buying Guide. 

Included in the Airistech Headbanger’s kit is:

1 x Airistech Headbanger QCell 2-in-1 Wax Vape 1 x Q2 Dip Coil 1 x Q1 Dab Coil 2 x Quartz Tubs 1 x Dabbing/Loading Tool 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable 1 x Carry Pouch User Guide

Best Wax Vapes 2018 Dab eRig

So far, 2018 has certainly been an exciting year for concentrate vapes! This Best Wax Vapes 2018 Buying Guide only scratches the surface of the wax vape market, with more reviews, like our Best E-Nail 2018 Buying Guide still to come later this year with contenders like the Vivant Incendio and Puffco Peak.

If you think we might have missed anything on this list, leave a comment below and we’ll see what we can do about getting the vape in stock to test and review!

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