Best Manual Vaporizers in 2019

By Melrose Aguilar
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Best Manual Vaporizers in 2019

Manual vaporizers are gaining more and more appreciation and popularity around the world.

Just like some craft beer brewers, manual vaporizer brands attract raving fans and a ‘cult-like’ following.

We have been trying them out here at VapeFuse over the last year or so and got to like quite a few of them.

There is something to vaping with an external heat source and not using any electronics or battery. The flavor tends to be more enhanced and even more intense than any of the electronically powered vapes I have ever used.

In the below video, we go through the manual vaporizers that we have used and walk you through them one by one.

Manual vapes are still predominantly made in the US and other western countries. Three of the devices in the video are made in the US, one in Switzerland and one in Ireland.

Electronic vaporizer manufacturers tend to draw a lot of inspiration from each other and many devices end up looking similar and working similarly.

For example, Storz & Bickel introduced the Crafty and Mighty portable Vaporizers a few years ago and since then there are about a dozen or more devices that look somewhat similar.

Storz & Bickel Crafty vape line up

The manual vaporizer line up seems to be a lot more diverse with all manufacturers pursuing their unique angle.

There are 2 main types of manual vaporizers. Some are heated before you take a draw and there are some that you heat at the same time as you are taking your draw.

The first one on the list that Matt covers is the Sticky Brick Runt from the east coast of the United States.

CCell TH2 Oil Cartridge Review

It is the largest of them all and has the largest herb chamber as well.

Due to its size and operation, it is best suited for home use and it delivers the biggest clouds out of all.

The next one along the line is the Swiss made VapMan.
This little vaporizer has been around for over a decade and just like most things Swiss made… it is well thought out and well put together.

It is a perfect micro-dosing device that has one of the smallest herb chambers I have ever seen, however, it surely makes the most of it.

Super efficient although, it takes a few sessions to get used to it to make sure you don’t combust your herbs.

It is one of those devices that you preheat and then draw on it utilizing the heat of the preheated metal.
Very nice flavor and visible clouds despite the small amount of herbs you use.

Next one along is the DynaVap. These little pen style manual vaporizers are made in Wisconsin in the US and it is a ripper.

What is unique to the DynaVap is that it has a cap that indicates when the ideal vaporizing temperature has been reached.

Similarly to the VapMan, the DynaVap has a pretty small chamber as well and perfect for micro-dosing.

It is small and portable, probably the most portable that we’ve come across in this line of vaporizers.

Next one along is Matt’s favorite, the Lotus Vaporizer.

This beautiful vaporizer is made in California, US and just as unique as any of the others.

HoneyStick Bee Keeper 2.0 510 Thread Vaporizer

You heat the lotus flower shaped top cap and draw through a glass or a metal pipe.

Beautiful tasting flavorful vapor that really makes you appreciate the vaping process.

The last one on the list is an old faithful, the Iolite by Ogsbly and Buttler in Ireland.

This was the first butane powered vaporizer that I have ever used and I still use it every now and then. They are really good to fire up while camping or fishing or doing activities that you can vape on and off doing.

And this concludes our list of Manual Vaporizers in 2019, let us know in the comments section if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you!

Melrose Aguilar

Melrose Aguilar

Mel is a passionate vape enthusiast with interest in dry herb vaporizing as well as e-liquid vaping. Mel has been part of the VapeFuse Publishing Team since 2016 as an editor. More recently she has been writing on various vaping related topics and reviews as well.

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