Using the Arizer Extreme Q with Essential Oils

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Using the Arizer Extreme Q with Essential Oils

Achieving that peaceful and calm state of mind need not to be pricey. Here at VapeFuse we always look for ways and tips to share with you to experience healing the natural way. We believe this can be done through Aromatherapy and making the most out of your vaporizers.

Today, Nora will take you in a quick demonstration of how she uses Essential Oils to heal common illnesses like colds.

What are Essential Oils

Essential Oils are extracts from plants. Its nature differs from plant to plant or from species to species. The delicate proportion of the aromatic components found in an essential oil is what makes it distinct and determines the health benefits it offers.

Now, with our surroundings and weather changes, we pick up viruses and bacteria that cause us illness. Getting common illnesses like colds, cough or headache shouldn’t be a daunting experience. You can deal with it with a calm approach by utilizing these aromatic Essential Oils and be healed the natural way.

So without further ado, let’s check out Nora’s video below with how she used Eucalyptus oil to chase that cold away using the Arizer Extreme Q.

How to use the Arizer Extreme Q Diffuser


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Do you have aromatherapy tips that you can share with our vaping community? Let us know in the Comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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