Essential Accessories for Vapers

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Upgrading your smoking ritual never goes unappreciated. Consider that most cannabis consumers prefer to use tools and accessories to enjoy their smoke sessions to the maximum.

These days, there are a plethora of accessories available that cater to smokers of all kinds. Because vaping is a more refined process, some smoking accessories work better than others. Find out what smoking accessories work best and which ones are essential for vapers!

Stash Jar

Whether you choose to indulge in hash, shatter, live rosin, or flower, keeping your cannabis fresh is a must! So, say hello to the stash jar! Stash jars accomplish two important functions; they protect your goods and hide any smells, as well.

No matter what you’re vaping, you want to be sure you can appreciate the terpene profiles as well as the full effects of your concentrates or dry herb. Therefore, a stash jar is a perfect way to keep your goods potent, as well as contain any residual odours.

Also, selecting a stash jar with functional features with great design will make vaping much more satisfying.

Rolling Tray

Once you’ve got your vape and concentrate or flower ready to go, the key missing ingredient is a place to organize your stuff.

Of course, this is more for smoke sessions that take place at home, but if home is where the heart is, it should also be where your rolling trays are, too. Rolling trays are available in various materials like plastic, wood, glass, and aluminum.

While the texture and design are up to you, opting for a raised edge will ensure your goods don’t fall off or slip away. Not to mention, trays help you stay organized and keep your cannabis contained, making for easy clean-up.

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Depending on the type of vape you use, you may or may not need a screen. However, plenty of vapes offer the ability to add a screen, which will not only make your clouds cooler but also cleaner.

Nothing puts a damper on a vape session like unwanted flower or resin in your mouth. Screens make sure that you only get smooths, tasty clouds and nothing else.

Whether you’ve got a space-age vape or a rustic wooden beauty, the screen you choose should correspond with the rig you have. After all, like most other accessories, screens are about preference and style.


While grinders are only vital for dry herb vapers, their efficiency never goes out of style. They are the quickest and most effective way to get your flower ready for vaping.

These days, you can pick one up just about anywhere, and even though plastic grinders are convenient if you’re on the go, they are not sustainable. If you have the choice, we recommend metal grinders as they last the longest.

Wooden grinders are another great option, offering style and class to your collection. Vapers hoping to raise their ritual can invest a little more to get automatic grinders that save on effort and have built-in extras.

Herb Grinders

Time to Enjoy

From storing your goods to loading your vape, there are accessories for every part of the ritual. Vapers and smokers alike can appreciate dependable gear that allows them to indulge in a superior session.

We raise our vapes to accessories that are well-designed, functional, and upgrade the experience. When you take a moment out of your day to vape and disconnect, you want to guarantee that it is the best sesh possible.

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With these essential accessories for vapers within reach, you can be sure that it is a stress-free and uplifting session.

Do you have other accessories that you love using? Share it with us in the comments below!
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