A Dry Hit Vape: Causes and Prevention

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Vapers are acutely aware of their personal limitations and the difficulties that they may face throughout their vaping journey. They are all familiar with the horrible sensation of pulling a puff from their beloved e-juice and just receiving a hellish experience with no taste, a fully excruciating throat hit, and a ruined coil. These are called “dry hit vapes.” The burnt taste from a dry hit vape may be a really unpleasant experience, especially for your throat. Instead of a smooth and tasty vapor, you get a burnt taste.

This could be a deal breaker for newcomers who are looking for a smooth hit while vaping. It hurts when you expect to have a wonderful vaping experience but end up with a horrible, burned taste and an unpleasant impact on your throat. A dry hit might ruin your palate all day, irritate your throat, and dissuade you from vaping entirely. It will also most likely ruin the vape coil.

What Exactly Is a Dry Hit?

A “dry hit” occurs when you attempt to vape using a vaping device with very little or no e-liquid. This may occur when the juice runs out before you realize it, as well as when wicking or airflow difficulties arise. You’re effectively vaping burned cotton, which results in a load of unpleasant flavor and, at times, throat discomfort. How does it happen? Dry hits happen when the cotton wick within the vaporizer isn’t fully saturated with e-liquid or the coil is burning the vaping juice rapidly.

There are several causes.

Causes of a Dry Hit Vape

The following are the causes of a dry hit vape:

  • Depleted or empty tank

The first and simplest one is a depleted or empty tank. The atomizer is meant to heat the vape juice, converting it into vapor form. Without an adequate amount of vape juice in the tank, it implies that there is no proper saturation of the wicking material.

By taking a hit on a depleted tank whose ports are exposed, the air is drawn into the wick rather than juice and the hits – if priming/soaking is not done after refilling the tank – are most likely going to pass through the dry wick. This causes the coil to be extremely hot up to a point that rather than vaporizing the e-juice, it burns the wick.

If your tank is full but you’re still getting dry hits, it might be due to incorrect priming. Priming is as simple as dripping some vape juice on your wick until it is saturated. When utilizing sub-ohm tanks with high wattage, it is usually necessary to prime your coil before introducing a new one.

  • Chain Vaping
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This is merely absorbing hits continuously without pausing. This kind of vaping does not provide the wick with sufficient time to absorb e-juice from the tank, meaning that there is insufficient juice to vaporize the coil. The wick will ultimately burn.

It’s not difficult to figure out when the coil knocks down; it just takes a little learning. The more you use the vape, the better you become at determining when it’s time to switch out the coil for a new one.

Perhaps the “terrible” flavor you’re getting from your vape juice will be the first sign, followed by a lackluster vapor output.

  • E-Liquid choice

Some e-liquids have the potential to clog the coil. Additionally, vape juices with a high VG content are highly likely to produce dry hits since they are very viscous and difficult for the wicking material to absorb, which leads to defective vapes. If you are producing your own e-juice, take the necessary precautions.

  • Using outdated coils

A typical coil shouldn’t be used in a vaporizer for over three weeks. In order to avoid the taste of burnt vape, it should be replaced after this time.

  • Insufficient maintenance

Another factor is improper maintenance, especially when it comes to coil cleaning. The coil must be well cleaned to avoid scorching and unpleasant impacts.

  • High level of wattage

This may also damage the coil. The coil might burn out if the allowed wattage range is surpassed. High wattage vaping results in a “dry hit” because the juice vaporizes more quickly than the wick can draw more liquid.
Cold weather conditions

When the outside temperature is very low, the e-juice’s viscosity rises thickening the e-juice. This increases the likelihood that the coil will clog and produce dry hits.

How Can Dry Hits Be Fixed?

“Dry hits” cannot be completely eliminated, at least not yet. However, there are a number of tried-and-true methods that may be utilized to lower the likelihood of encountering this undesirable occurrence. It’s crucial for beginner vapers to maintain their coils moist. Simply said, avoiding dry hits by keeping it moist at all times. The techniques for keeping the coil moist to prevent dry impacts are listed below.

  • Maintain a full tank of e-juice
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You can see the small holes on the coil head’s sides; these need to be completely immersed and never left exposed. This is a basic vaping guideline and a fantastic technique to avoid those terrible burnt hits that result in dry hits.
Several tanks have a minimal e-juice line that must be reached in order for the coil to continue receiving e-liquid to vaporize. When the vape juice quantity is noticeably low, it’s a good idea to make sure the tank is replenished if the tank lacks this type of signal.

  • Prime your coil

The first step in getting ready to vape with a new coil (whether it’s in a new vaporizer or a substitute coil) is to open your tank, prime the coil head, and let the wick soak up some e-liquid before you fill the tank.

Before installation, the wicking material is normally primed by soaking it. However, before taking their initial inhale, vapers are encouraged to wait a few minutes for their vaping device’s wick to become fully saturated.

However, some vapers lack patience since they constantly feel the need to vape as soon as their devices are ready. Fortunately, priming helps vape coils in some ways by safeguarding the wicking elements and permitting quick usage.

  • Use the proper wattage for your vape

The first action you should take if you’ve recently refilled your vape tank and are experiencing dry hits would be to inspect your wattage level. You could discover that your wattage is higher than what is advised.

If it’s true, make sure it’s changed. The suggested wattage range is typically printed on the side or box of replacement coils. The manufacturer states this to guarantee that you receive the proper performance when they’re fitted in the tanks. Always remain inside the bounds.

Now, if you use your vape above the advised wattage, you run the risk of creating wicking issues where the coil won’t just tolerate the amount of e-juice necessary to keep the wick hydrated; instead, your e-liquid will burn up more quickly, producing a dry hit that tastes more like a dessert than the desired flavor.

Noting that vaping may still be done at lesser wattages even if the coil’s minimum wattage level is indicated, it’s best to begin a fresh coil at a lower wattage level than the recommended one and gradually increase it as a safety precaution.

  • Change the coil

Coils regrettably lack an expiration date, although of course they degrade. The coil will ultimately burn out, even if you don’t get any dry hits. Consistent coil replacement is good for both the vape and your vape experience.
As time passes, certain components in e-liquids, such as sucralose sweetener, may cause accumulation on the coil, diminishing the wick’s efficacy and interfering with the uptake of e-liquid.

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If you keep utilizing the same vape coil for an extended length of time without switching, you may notice a loss of flavor or an alteration in the flavor of your e-liquid. If so, you might want to think about replacing the coil.
Utilize a mod

Mod users often have lesser dry hits than the average vapers. Even so, it still occurs occasionally, mainly to novice modders who are typically still getting acclimated to what their optimal settings are. New mod users have the same tendency to apply excessive voltage to varied vapes, which causes charring and singing. Mod users, however, frequently take vaping more seriously and rapidly begin to avoid receiving dry hits.

  • Utilize the correct e-juice ratio

You need to be aware that the e-juice ratio, especially the VG/PG that you ought to use with your vaping device, depends on the size and power range of your coil.

For example, less sticky e-liquids should be utilized with a small coil head, like those found in small-sized vape pens. Vaping using thicker e-liquid (e-liquid that has a high proportion of vegetable glycerin) might lead to incorrect wicking, which might lead to dry hits from your vape.

The e-juice concentration may be changed if the issue still exists. Propylene glycol (PG) is the thinner of the two bases. Higher PG content is advised for coils that use lower wattages. Additionally, be sure to choose vape juice with the appropriate nicotine level.

The size of the wicking ports on the coil heads’ sides may also be utilized to determine whether a coil needs to be used with a larger percentage of VG or PG. A simple rule: larger ports handle more VG, whereas smaller ports can handle more PG.

  • Unclog the wick

Regular use of e-juices rich in sweets and dyes may cause your wicking material to become clogged. While it’s not necessarily against the law to vape e-liquids that could burn your wick or those with dark-colored liquids that could ruin the coils since they can be too fantastic to pass up, you need to regularly clean your coil to extend their life and, most significantly, prevent scorched hits.

  • Change the pressure
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Still receiving damaging hits? Next, try using longer drags with less suction or pressure while giving your equipment a break in between runs. You could be using your vaporizer too vigorously, which could result in dry hits.

Some vapers have found success in avoiding these hits by first taking a priming puff to add additional liquid to the atomizer chamber before heating up their device (without turning on the battery).

  • Modify your vaping routine

There are moments when you have no choice but to indulge in drinking, smoking, and other activities that elicit a chain vaping response in order to enjoy life. However, it’s better to maintain extreme composure in the face of your “evil” thoughts than to suffer severe burns to your lungs, which are far worse.

To avoid this, try taking deeper, slower breaths and giving your vaporizer a break in between sessions. Some vapers have discovered that taking timed priming puffs when the battery is dormant will force more juice into the atomizer chamber and prevent dry hits.

  • Replace your whole vaping kit.

It could be time to upgrade your vape kit or get a new vaping setup. If your vape kit is outdated, you may need to replace the entire unit because even subpar vape tanks can cause excessively strong throat hits.

If you want a better kit, invest in a vape pen or box mod that better suits your vaping preferences so you don’t have to perform as much maintenance. You’ll also understand how crucial it is to have better control of your temperature and voltage once you have a new gadget that provides you with more possibilities.

Final Thought

As you have seen, dry hit vapes can give you a nasty experience. It can be particularly frustrating if you don’t understand why you are getting the unpleasant odor and taste from your vaping. Thankfully, we have explained in detail why you may be experiencing the awful hits. Based on the information provided above, you ought to be able to comprehend exactly what dry hits are and how to avoid them. If they occur, you will at least be aware of the likely reasons and how to reduce them. We trust you will have a pleasant vaping experience.

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