9+1 Benefits of Dating with a Vaper – Valentine’s Day Edition

By Nexi Miller
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9+1 Benefits of Dating with a Vaper – Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It’s time to have a look around just in time, see what’s up on the online dating sites. I’m hoping there is a Valentine’s Day promotion somewhere, with some hot deals. Regardless of my absolute optimism, hot deal certainly means no registration fee for me, not really hot Bachelors.

So I had a look around and came across with a site: Vapers Cupid ~ “Where vapers find love.”

Wow, what an awesome idea!

By the first look of it, the age default is quite discriminative, 23-87. What about those people who are above 87 and all those fit and fresh 21-22 year-old young boys and girls, don’t they deserve love anymore/yet?

Anyhow, I did register… and yeah look does matter :-), so I started to check the profile pics. A bit of a disappointment but no surprise… I was hoping to see profile images blowing some nice clouds, or some cool vapes, herbs and stuff.

Nah, nothing new really. Selfie in the bathroom, picture with mummy, with a niece, daughter or little sister (or ex..), showing off the abs, with a cat, with a turkey (!), with a clown. It was fun checking them and credit goes to “Homer”, just because he blew such a nice round shape, and what a shame it covered all his face…(no I’m not sarcastic, it’s just the truth 🙂 )

Dating a Vaper  – from a Vape Chick’s View

It is much better dating a vaper, than a smoker… Why?

#1 Smell

On top of my list for the obvious reasons. With vaping, smell is not an issue as all you get is the nice, aromatic flavor of your herbs released at the right temperature with no combustion, making it so cool and no burnt smell. So no more stinky hands, clothes, hair, and room.

There is nothing worse than waiting for that nice first kiss. And then the moment you realise instead of smelling a lovely aftershave, it’s just that awful stinky smokey smell that lingers… 🙁

As Ed Sheeran says: “And last night you were in my room, And now my bedsheets smell like you” – smokers are definitely not welcomed in the room of many of us.

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#2 Health Conscious

Being brave enough to choose the healthier option. He does deserve some love and support, right! Realising that he needs to stay alive longer is a good thing to consider, and by switching to vaping he is going that extra mile. Don’t forget that feeling of withdrawing from a habit, that’s a big sacrifice!

Someone who is health conscious, such a guy is surely going for the better, healthier, more fun activities with you.

#3 Confidence

Having a vaper beside you, who does not hide his vape in public and confidently using his toys is someone, who is worth considering to keep. I’d say, someone who stands for something great, something exemplary is just so extremely attractive.

#4 Trendy

Vaping is definitely the new trend. How cool it is having someone who doesn’t mind trying new things, getting out of his comfort zone, and be a bit special, a bit different! That’s way cooler.  

Well, google has also got something to say about vapers “vapers tend to dress better”. Hmmm, but I don’t think there is much relation between dressing and vaping.

#5 Cleaning Companion

Vaporizers need to be cleaned on a regular basis, right? Having someone to clean your vaporizer for you or doing it together just sounds so sweet and makes every chick special (blushing!). Well, not every guy is into cleaning these tiny bits and pieces (cleaning the chamber, screens, little tubes, need to use a brush, soap and water.) If that’s the case, then you’re up to something.  

I think it’s definitely a good start to a bright future 🙂 Imagine, getting home after a long day seeing your Love washing the dishes… Ah, nothing makes you feel more special than having your man doing things for you!

Oh no, wait… he is actually just trying to get the flat screen out of the Cyclone Bowl above the sink, and… what, what is he doing? That’s my toothbrush he’s using.. Oh dear…

#6 Sexual Life

Secrets to Vaporizing with a Bubbler - Does Water Quality Matter?

Finally managed to have a quiet night. You’ve ticked off all big tasks for the week on your list and kids are at grannies, let’s do this…<3
And then you just need that last cuddle, spooning and then sleep… But he thinks a bit differently…he needs that last cigarette before sleep, sounds familiar? yeah…

In the end, you stay alone in bed, waiting. And you are just praying he won’t meet his flatmate or neighbours on the balcony, who’s just got home offering him a stubbie…yeah, you defo lost him for tonight…

But with Vapers, they can be the best lovers. He stays in the bed with you and with his vape in hand. Makes a happy wife. As the saying goes “Happy wife, Happy life”.

#7 The Best Gift Option

Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day? So easy! Of course, he would want some cool accessories, a waterpipe, a glass attachment, maybe a vape case, some extra parts, or even a new vape… Yes, he does deserve it for sure.

It just eases you the worries of what gift to buy for special occasions.

#8 Sharing is Caring

You share love, happiness, memories and of course he will always have some herb to cheer you up. He may even help to fill your chamber or your dosing capsules for you – what a gentleman! Perfect…

#9 Please Don’t Leave Me Here

First night out with his friends and their girlfriends… It’s already a big enough challenge figuring out what to wear, your comfy pants or a tight dress, that you would never ever wear again!

Then memorise their names, put that constraint smile on your face all night, and then this: “Hey Sweetheart, I’ll be back, we just go out for a smoke with the blokes, chat with the girls, I’ll be back…”

So who should you talk to? And about what? Please just don’t ask me if Angelina or Jennifer was a better match for Brad, and I am seriously fine if you can fit in size 8 only…

Another win for Vapers… Vaping is allowed in most public places, so no need to go outside to enjoy your favourite puff. No more awkward chicken talk.

If you are not familiar with the above then:

#9+1 Family Gatherings

Say NO to Smoking & Vape Your Dry Herbs Instead - Advantages of Vaping

Imagine, you are attending a family gathering, grandpa, grandma, parents, siblings, aunts and uncle, you and HIM, the only smoker… Uncle Jeff is just about to get to the point in an exciting conversation (the story has been going on for about 25 minutes…), and you can see on your significant other’s face he just wants to go out for a smoke.

Shaking hands, frustrating look, and then he stands up and leaves… And you are left there, having to explain to lovely uncle Jeff that no-no he is totally fine with his story, and thanks so so much for sharing (for the 1000 times), but your man is just a smoker… he just needs it…

I bet, my Vaper boy would definitely share a puff with uncle Jeff above the Christmas turkey 😉

What to Be Careful with, though?

Vaping Slang

Yes, you do need to take some extra effort to learn the basic vaping slangs. Just to keep up with your man. But look, it’s again something cool to talk about and learn about. Vape nerds are so cool, health conscious and sharp at the same time – best combo.

Parts Everywhere

I can’t find it ~ you have to get that Sherlock Holmes sense out to find all bits and pieces, pieces on the carpet, sink, toolbox, lawn etc etc

The Plugging Issue

He just always has to charge his toys… Come on, it’s okay, just grab some spare batteries.

Social Media

Finally, he posted a picture of you both… but wait! What’s that? That’s a vape! Why are you holding it in front of my face? Why the zoom is on your puff instead of us holding hands…

Well, still 7 days til Valentine’s Day… I may just drop and say hi to that guy who is always vaping in “my” bus stop… he looks cute anyway 🙂

Share below your thoughts on why you love dating a vaper. Who knows, your significant other might just be around and part of our Vaping Community!

Nexi Miller

Nexi Miller

I am passionate about vaporizers, vaping lifestyle and travelling. Always up for a good laugh and aiming to look at things from their fun and bright side. Let's Share The Vaping Love Together :)

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