7 Must Know Facts About Herb Grinders

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7 Must Know Facts About Herb Grinders

Everyone who’s into dry herb vaping knows that a grinder is an essential part of their kit. With prices soaring up, it’s rare to see anyone not using a grinder to maximize the potential of their herbs.

Grinders are made to be convenient so you can take it anywhere and use it wherever you want.

However, the importance of grinders goes beyond convenience and adds to the quality of your vaping experience. Due to its high demand, there are many types of grinders out in the market today.

Let’s break down the facts that make grinders a must-have for all dry herb vaporizer enthusiasts.

Importance of Using a Grinder

A great benefit of grinding your dry herbs is that it creates a larger surface area of your herbs that can be exposed to heat. This increased amount of surface area allows for an even heating of your herbs.

As a result, you get a stronger vapor and a fuller draw from your dry herb vaporizer.

A good quality grinder lets you maximize the use of dry herbs even in small amounts. Grinding your herbs finely will give you your desired effects in only a few draws.

This greatly reduces the budget for your dry herb vaping as you spend less on herbs, fewer batteries and less time spent on vaping sessions.

Acrylic Herb Grinder- Volcano

Shape and Size

The size of the grinder depends on its shape and number of compartments. Most grinders, even those that are used for medical cannabis, come in a cylinder shape.

However, there are also grinders that have octagonal forms or customized designs.
The number of compartments that you need depends on your budget and your preference.

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You can choose from 2-piece, 3-piece, and 4-piece models.

2-piece Grinder

This has only one compartment where you can put your herbs, ground it and store it. Although it is cheaper than other types of grinders, it is known to produce inconsistent sizes of herbs.

It is also a bit difficult to retrieve your herbs because the teeth are in the way.

3-piece Grinder

GrindeRoo Shark Teeth Magnetic Grinder

This has 2 compartments made possible by holes at the bottom part of the upper layer, which leads to another compartment. The holes get rid of a certain size of herbs to allow more surface area for the first compartment.

This result to more evenly ground herbs compared to the 2-piece version. It also lets you get your stored herbs easier through the second compartment.

4-piece Grinder

This has 3 compartments where the third layer is separated from the second one by a mesh screen. The third compartment is for catching pollen, or if you’re using cannabis, kief.

The function of the pollen catcher is to collect all the fine residue that usually escapes the 2-piece and 3-piece types. This is considered as the best dry herb grinder for all types of herbs including cannabis.

Crave Air Grinder

Type of Materials

Aside from the shape and size of your grinder, you also need to consider the material that was used to make it.


The classic material version of high-quality grinders is usually made from aluminum. It is safe to use and is very durable so you can expect it to last for a long time.

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You can also choose to have additional compartments with your metal grinder for better quality grinding.


This is a good option for those who have a tight budget as acrylic grinders are very cheap.

However, you should not choose this type of material if you are looking for durable and long-lasting grinders.

Most acrylic grinders break easily and have the tendency to lose its grinding ability over time.


Wood is the number one material when it comes to aesthetics as it looks good and natural-looking. On the downside, wooden grinders do not offer multiple compartments.

Having multiple compartments is great for storing your herbs until your next vaping session. Some wood grinders are also painted which can be harmful to your lungs.

Importance of Grinder Teeth

When it comes to grinders, the brands and the price is not so much a bigger factor than its specifications. A great set of grinder teeth is an important factor to consider when buying your grinder.

It is recommended that your grinder has a lot of teeth to get the best finish product. Some vaporizers require finely ground herbs, while some function better with bigger leaves.

A regular size grinder usually has 50 teeth, however, there are other grinders that have a lesser teeth number. There are three basic shapes of teeth that are being used today—blade shape, diamond shape, and shark shape.

It is said that diamond shaped teeth grinders that are made from the aluminum material are the best ones to choose.


Grinders are a vaper’s best friend as it helps the economy of their sessions and enhances their dry herb vaping experience.

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Before buying your first grinder, you need to know enough information to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

There are different types of grinders available in the market today but not all of them are durable, long-lasting and efficient.

The specifications mentioned above should help you make an informed decision when you are out shopping for the best grinder in the market today.

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