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These 10 Tips Will Help You To Vape Like A Pro

If you are trying to quit smoking, vaping is a much healthier option. Unlike cigarettes, there isn’t any tar in vape smoke. Even smoking weed can be bad for the lungs, though it isn’t as dangerous as tobacco, cannabis smoke can also contain certain carcinogens that are bad for the lungs. Therefore, whether it is … Read more

make vape juice

How To Make Vape Juice: A Beginner’s Guide To DIY

If you don’t trust any of the vape juice producers, we have great news – you can make home-made vape juice. The whole thing can be frustrating or fun – it all depends on the understanding and approach. With a bit of effort and preparation, you can go step by step and make vape juice … Read more

Legal Age to Vape

Decoding Vaping Culture

Every day, it seems like more people jumping on board with vaping – and leaving cigarettes behind for good. But what is vaping? And what is the culture of vaping? If you’re confused or curious, don’t worry – we’re about to decode the basics of vapes and vaping culture just for you. The Device and … Read more

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The 10 Biggest Vaporizing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

When you enter the vaping world, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. You need to learn about different vaporizers, products that you put in them, method of use, safety, and so on. For example, vaping starter kits can be straightforward to use. But if you switch to advanced equipment, you might have to learn everything all … Read more

why do people vape?

Why Do People Vape?

In recent years vaping has overtaken smoking in terms of numbers. Why has this happened? There are several reasons. The first being that tobacco smoking is now banned in many countries across the world – including the USA – except in certain places. This came about once the dangers of smoking and its links to … Read more