vaporizers vs bongs

Dry Herb Vaporizers VS Bongs – Which is Better?

It would be hard to say that the cannabis industry hasn’t come leaps and bounds from what it once was. Heck, cannabis was a substance that was once looked down upon and classified as illegal. Luckily this isn’t the case anymore. Sure, there are some states where the substance is still illegal, but there are … Read more

best e-cigarette and ideal vape juice

E-Cigarettes: What You Need to Know

Well, you might not need to know anything about E-Cigarettes if you are one of the lucky ones among the 86% of people who don’t smoke a regular cigarette or among 81.7% of people who don’t use E-cigarettes and/or some sort of tobacco product – according to a survey conducted by the CDC (Center for … Read more

Vibe Vaping System by Vaper Empire - bandw

Vaper Empire – Vibe Complete Vaping System Review

We have been test-riding the Vibe Vaping System by Vaper Empire for the last few weeks. In this post, I’ll go through my experience using the device and share some images and a video with you. The Vibe Vaping System is a nicely designed and very well presented device. The product makes a good impression … Read more

CBD and kratom powder

What is the Difference Between CBD and Kratom?

CBD and Kratom are both well-known and commonly used controversial herbs. These medical herbs always hit the headlines due to their special effects on the body. The term CBD is quite popular among today’s generation. CBD, short for Cannabidiol, comes from a Cannabis plant, which also makes people HIGH when taken in excessive quantity. Kratom … Read more

Vaping vs Smoking

3 Ways to Ease the Transition from Smoking to Vaping

For many smokers, vaping offers an escape from the clinging smell of smoke and an effective way to control nicotine consumption. Vaporizers can be a useful tool to achieve either objective, but many people still struggle to make a complete transition away from their familiar products. Breaking the psychological triggers and habits can take a … Read more

5 Tips for Keeping Your E-Cig in Tip Top Shape

5 Tips for Keeping Your E-Cig in Tip Top Shape

E-cigs can be the perfect alternative to tobacco cigarettes, providing you with flavorful vapor that tastes as close to the real thing as you can get. If you are interested in extending the life of your e-cig, it is vital for you to follow some of these tips in the future. Never Let the Liquid … Read more