Haze Portable Vaporizer

Herb Vaping 101: Dry Herb Vaporizers vs Wax Pens vs Hybrid Vapes

One of the questions I constantly find myself being asked is: “Which of these vapes works with oil and herb?” While it’s a super valid question, the answer I give often leaves a number of people confused, hence the need for this post. Portable vaping has taken off exponentially in recent years, with desktop vaporizers … Read more

Vapir Oxygen Mini

Breaking Down the Vapir Oxygen Mini: VapeFuse Review

What’s up VapeFusers? We struck gold recently when we busted open a Vapir Oxygen Mini for testing purposes. The Mini has been on the market for a minute, so I was shocked to discover that the American-made mini-desktop is actually a pocket-sized powerhouse! Now many of my initial impressions of this vaporizer weren’t that good. … Read more

Herbal Vaporizers - traveling with cannabis

Do’s and Dont’s When it Comes to Herbal Vaporizers

A vaporizer (or vape) is a device that is used to vaporize the active ingredients of dried plant materials like tobacco, cannabis, herbs and other dry blends. Using a cannabis vaporizer, especially the blue dream strain vaporizer, which is quite popular on the west coast, is increasing in popularity as one of the safest ways … Read more

GrindeROO and the Crave Onix

SNEAK PEEK: Crave Onix Premium Portable Vaporizer

Something big is coming……. Our friends at Crave Vaporizers down in Melbourne recently sent us up a copy of their all-new portable device, the Crave Onix! The second product drop this year, the Crave Onix is the older brother of one of my current favorites, the Crave Cloud. The Cloud (which I’m hitting right this … Read more

Using the Flowermate V5 Nano Portable Vape

Breaking Down the Flowermate V5 Nano Portable Vape [VIDEO]

Hey VapeFuse fam! My, and soon to be your, favorite new product of 2018 so far is most definitely the Flowermate V5 Nano portable vape. Flowermate has long held a special place in the hearts of most portable vapers. With all of the performance upgrades, this new device is simply a gift to the portable vaping … Read more

Arizer Solo II - Full-Convection Vaporizers

Herb Vaping 101: What Are Full-Convection Vaporizers?

What’s up vapers! Here at VapeFuse, we are constantly getting new vaporizers in to review and possibly stock on the website. Because we’re dealing with these vapes on a daily basis, some of the words used in our reviews may not make any sense to a vaping novice. One of the things that we’re constantly … Read more

X Vape Vista

VapeFuse Review: The X Vape Vista All-in-One eNail/eRig [VIDEO]

Concentrate vaping has reached new leaps and bounds thanks to the all-new X Vape Vista from TopGreen Technology.   The pinnacle of all-in-one vaping technology, the Vista comes equipped with dual eRig/eNail functionality so that you can easily find your ultimate wax vaping experience. The kit it comes with is super advanced and includes everything … Read more

X Vape FOG vs Flowermate Swift Pro

X Vape FOG vs Flowermate Swift Pro: VapeFuse Review

Hey VapeFusers, The first half of 2018 has brought some amazing portables to the VapeFuse store! Two of my absolute favorite portables at the moment are the X Vape FOG and the Flowermate Swift Pro portable vaporizers. These devices are simply remarkable in their own right. After over 20 years of portable vaporizers being on … Read more

Air II vs Crave Cloud

VapeFuse Review: Arizer Air II vs Crave Cloud

It’s that time of week again where we break down and compare some of our amazing portable vaporizers! Vape comparisons are awesome as they allow you to see what features you’re getting and which ones you’re missing out on. I know when I bought my first vape I didn’t know where to start. For this … Read more

X Vape Vista Portable eRig

Concentrated Review: Breaking Down the X Vape Vista Portable eRig/eNail

Shoutout to all my concentrate vapers! These concentrated reviews are my all time favorites to do because I get to talk to you guys about a topic that I’m super passionate about, concentrates! For those of you that are new to the cannabis scene, concentrates are ultra-refined forms of cannabis extract that have been created … Read more


NEW PRODUCT DROP: GrindeROO 4-Piece Premium Herb Grinder

What’s up herb lovers! We’ve recently redefined what it means to be a premium herb grinder with the all-new ultra-premium GrindeROO 4-Piece Metal Herb Grinder! The process to develop this little Aussie marvel was super long-winded, but we wanted to ensure we were bringing you guys the best product possible! After trying out about 50 … Read more

Sydney Hemp Health & Innovation Expo 2018

VapeFuse at the 2018 Sydney Hemp Health & Innovation Expo

Hey VapeFusers! We recently made it down to Sydney to exhibit at the Hemp Health & Innovation Expo where we got to meet up with a bunch of awesome herb vapers and set them up with their perfect match! Here at VapeFuse we take joy in helping you to find your optimum vaping experience, so to … Read more

Using a Smartphone App with Your Portable Vape

Using a Smartphone App with Your Portable Vape!

Hey VapeFusers! The portable vaping user experience is constantly evolving to include new ultra user-friendly features! One of the more recent of these is the inclusion of Bluetooth software to enable the use of a smartphone app! While incorporating a smartphone app may seem a little like overkill for some, it’s actually ingenious as it … Read more