10 Facts That Everyone Gets Wrong About Vaping

Vaping tends to polarize opinion. As smoking became more and more vilified, the smoker went from Marlboro Man to social pariah… Where once you could happily puff away on a plane or train, even in a restaurant, today the majority of public spaces are militantly non-smoking. In most countries, you can’t even smoke in a … Read more

Conduction vs. Convection: What do they Mean for Vaping?

Vaporization is often praised due to how it releases the active ingredients of dry herbs/tobacco without some of the less desirable elements created through combustion. Commercial vaporizers have two methods of accomplishing this: conduction or convection. Most vaporizers utilize both to some degree, but each vaporizer has a primary method. Convection and conduction both involve a … Read more

7 Must Know Facts About Herb Grinders

Everyone who’s into dry herb vaping knows that a grinder is an essential part of their kit. With prices soaring up, it’s rare to see anyone not using a grinder to maximize the potential of their herbs. Grinders are made to be convenient so you can take it anywhere and use it wherever you want. … Read more

Cannabis and Crafty

The Best Vaporizer for Vaping Medical Cannabis

Cannabis is quickly gaining its popularity for medical and wellness use. In the US alone, medical marijuana has been legalized in many states while adult use is also allowed in some. Among many application methods, dry herb vaping is a very popular way of ingesting cannabis. Due to its simplicity, people choose to utilize dry … Read more

Michelle with Phantom Mini Portable Vaporizer

#VAPINGSAVEDMYVOICE: Vaping On Throat Cancer

We’re not surprised if we hear things such as “smoking causes throat cancer”. However, we get queries from vapers whether vaping can be harmful and if it potentially can cause throat cancer. When making the preliminary shift from smoking to vaping, new vapers may undergo petty side effects as they become accustomed to vaping. This … Read more

11 Things You Need to Know About Vaporizing Tobacco

If you are interested in learning about vaporizing tobacco, you are in the right place. I will be talking about vaporizing tobacco leaves using a dry herb vaporizer as opposed to vaping e-liquids. #1. Can I Vaporize Tobacco Leaves? We get this question asked very frequently. The answer is yes, you can vaporize loose leaf … Read more