The Essential Guide to Vaporizer Screens

Vaporizer screens are a hugely important part of the herbal vaporization process. Screens have a significant effect on vapor quality, so it is essential for any vaper to get their head around them. The screens are holding your dry herbs in place, while hot air flows through them during the course of vaporization. The holes … Read more

Zephyr Ion Desktop Vaporizer

Zephyr Ion Desktop Vaporizer User’s Review

Having a great quality and reliable desktop (also called stationary) vaporizer is a must for any serious vaper. Portable vaporizers are getting better and better, however, they can’t replace the convenience and extreme effectiveness of desktop vaporizers. Most people I know in the vaping community comes to this conclusion sooner or later. Even if you … Read more

Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini Portable Vaporizer User’s Review

The Flowermate Mini Pro is the latest in the V5 range of the Flowermate series of portable vaporizers. I have been testing this little portable vaporizer for a few months and keen to share my experience with you. First Impression and Design of the Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini The first thing you notice holding it is … Read more

Are You Ready to Switch this New Year?

New Year’s resolutions are like mountain peaks, they offer majestic views, but difficult to reach. Here is the brand-New Year and this is the perfect time to make a new set of New Year’s resolutions, favoring better health. While some are leaning towards eating the right food, hitting the gym every day or lacing up to … Read more