Quick Review: Arizer V-Tower Desktop Vaporizer

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Hey VapeFusers!

To celebrate the launch of our new Australian website, VapeFuse.com.au, we’re running a promo on the whole Arizer range of vaporizers where you score a free 63mm 4-Piece Metal Roo with every purchase!

After an extended hiatus, we recently re-upped on the Arizer V-Tower Desktop Vaporizer, which to this day is my all-time favourite desktop device!

Arizer V-Tower

With its slick chrome finish, user-friendly interface, and next-level vapor quality, the Arizer V-Tower is about as impressive as it gets.

With the V-Tower’s four function buttons you can switch up the temperature between 50°C (122°F) to as high as 260°C (500°F), meaning that you can get the most out of the herbs in the chamber!

Arizer V-Tower

The Arizer V-Tower’s big brother, the Arizer Extreme-Q, is an upgraded version of the V-Tower that comes equipped with an interior fan that helps to inflate balloons in a similar style to the Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer.

For a medical user that’s suffering from respiratory issues, this makes it far easier to consume your vapor, and I feel that lots of people prefer the Extreme-Q due to its ultimate functionality. If you’re more in the market for something with no waiting time between sessions, the V-Tower is going to be a better alternative.

Arizer V-Tower

The Arizer V-Tower’s internal ceramic heating pin helps to generate a consistent stream of vapor and works in unison with the exterior glass casing to bake the herb to perfection. If you’re looking for a high-quality desktop vaporizer that won’t leave the herb charred and burnt, the Arizer V-Tower’s pure-convection heating element is up to the task and will leave you super impressed.

Dray Herbal Vaporizer by Mig Vapor

Ontraio-based manufacturer Arizer Tech uses only the purest hand-blown glass fittings that are manufactured in Canada so you can ensure that this device is one of top quality. For additional peace of mind, Arizer offers a lifetime manufacturer warranty on all of its heating elements and a three-year warranty on parts.

Arizer V-Tower

The Arizer V-Tower’s unique whip-style method of vaping is super enjoyable and reminds me of using a sheesha or something similar. Its vaping whip is constructed of heat-resistant silicon and features glass mouthpiece and chamber adapter.

Arizer’s patented ‘Cyclone Bowl’ forms the V-Tower’s chamber and is constructed entirely from glass, except for the small stainless steel chamber screen.

Included in the kit is:

1 x Heating Unit
1 x 3’ Whip (Silicone)
1 x Glass Cyclone Bowls
1 x Power Adaptor (110v – 220v)
1 x Potpourri / Aromatherapy Dish
1 x Glass Stirring Tool
1 x Replacement Stainless Steel screen set
1 x Owner’s Manual

Arizer V-Tower

Grab your own Arizer V-Tower above and get vaping today!

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