Do You Get a Different Type of High from Vaping?

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Vaping has drawn a lot of attention over the last few years, especially with the explosion of popularity of discreet vaping devices.

While the consumer research done on vaping cannabis is nowhere near conclusive, many cannabis users are quick to share personal experiences on vaping versus smoking weed.

Does vaping really give you a different type of high?

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To answer this question, it’s important to understand that there are different views and insights about this conversation.

While some people will say that it feels better on the lungs if they use a vaporizer instead of smoking, most users agree that vaping is a more mild experience with different levels of high based on the quality of vaporizer used and other factors.

Read on for a review on vaping weed and the difference in getting high.

The Difference Between Vaping High and Smoking High
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Vaping marijuana and smoking marijuana are two different things. The high you get from both vaping and smoking may be similar but are two totally unique experiences. Before going deeper into what a vaping high means, it’s good to understand the difference between these two.

Vaping High

Many people report that vapes will give you a much cleaner kind of high. This can help with feeling more energetic.

Since there’s no smoke, your mouth will not be dry and also won’t smell as much. This is a great benefit for most people. With no smoke, you aren’t exposed to harmful carcinogens.

While entry-level portable vaporizers may not be the best choice for seasoned smokers, there are a number of awesome vapes on the market that deliver a better high, check out 2018’s best portable vapes below:

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Vape highs don’t last as long as smoking highs but can be offset with more vaping sessions. Since vaping uses less dry herb than smoking, you won’t need to worry about purchasing more too quickly.

Vaping highs can be quite enjoyable, with feel-good moods after each session. In fact, vaping is one of the most popular ways of consuming medical cannabis.

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Smoking High

Between joints, bongs, and the good old-fashioned apple, this is the most common marijuana consumption method. Hitting a bong will often give you a quicker high and huge rush that feels more intense than a vape.

You’ll be in a pretty good mood, but a feeling of laziness and heavy-headedness may arise depending on how much, and which strains, you smoke.

Some negatives including a cough, dry mouth, a lingering scent, and the exposure to harmful toxins due to the combustion process that burns the dry herb. Still, smoking weed offers relaxation and is generally mood lifting when used in moderation.

How Vaporizer Temperature Affects Your High

There is no doubt that changing the temperature of your vaporizer makes a real difference in the type of vaping high you get. Unlike smoking weed, which sets dry herb ablaze, a vaporizer warms the cannabis gently to the desired temperature.

The ability to scale vaporizer temperature up and down enables you to experience a change in the quality of high you get.

Why does vaporizer temperature matter? Cannabis vaporizers heat the dry herb just to the point where the trichomes, or the tiny glistening hairs that cover the surface, start to melt.

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This process transforms the sticky fats from their solid form to vapor steam. Trichomes are where the main psychoactive and medicinal compounds of marijuana reside. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical compound that causes the ‘high’.

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Low-Temperature Vaporization (290-330 degrees Fahrenheit, 143 – 165 Celsius)

At low temperature, ranging from 290 to 330 degrees, your vaporizer starts to gently melt the trichomes and releases a vapor that may not be visible to the naked eye.

This is just like a gentle steam from organic e-liquids, that gives you a limited amount of cannabinoids. Low-temperature vaporization causes a mild, relaxing feeling that is less seductive.

You’re likely to experience peppery or pine flavors. Both CBD and THC are expressed at this temperature range, but you’ll most likely not experience a powerful high.

When you want to improve your mood, maintain your focus, or relieve mild anxiety or stress, low-temp vaporization is the best option.

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Moderate Temperature (330-370 degrees Fahrenheit, 165 – 188 Celsius)

This temperature range offers a more distinctive psychoactive or high experience. Most regular cannabis consumers prefer this range for adequate ‘high’ tolerance.

At this temperature, most cannabinoids and terpenes or aroma molecules will be expressed. If you’re looking for a high that doesn’t leave you feeling too zippy, moderate-temp is great for social vaping.

High Temperature (370-445 degrees Fahrenheit, 188 – 230 Celsius)

High-temperature vaporization offers a more intense and euphoric high, significant pain relief, and some level of sedation with the right cannabis strains.

High-temp is recommended for cannabis strains high in THCV, which has a higher boiling point than CBD and THC. Recreational consumers prefer this temperature range due to its classic high feeling.

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Types of Vaporization

It’s important to understand that the heating method used in your vaping device also plays a role in determining the level of high you get.

When buying a vaporizer, make sure you understand the two methods of vaporization used: conduction or convection and read the description of your vaporizer for proper use.

Choosing a Quality Vaporizer Matters

Remember that choosing a good quality vaporizer is important if you want the right vape high. Here is some important information about the most common types of vaping mods:

Plugin vapes tend to produce much more vapor than portable vapes.
Plugin vapes are more efficient.
Pen style vapes burn herb more easily.

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It’s also important to make sure that you clean your vaporizer correctly by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

The type of vaporizer you buy will ultimately have an impact on your vaping experience and the type of high you get, so choose wisely. Read reviews and choose a model that suits your needs and price range. While some people will argue that vaporizers are expensive, the investment helps you cut down your cannabis consumption, saving you money in the long run.

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Why Vaping is Changing the Game

Smoking marijuana has always been the preferred cannabis consumption method, but with new technology, cannabis consumers can now enjoy a better way of consumption. Vaporizers enable consumers to enjoy medical or recreational marijuana in its peak form.

A Better Option for the Body

Vaporizers use controlled heating elements to heat the dry herb to the desired ‘sweet spot’ when all the beneficial compounds or cannabis oils are released. Since there is no combustion or open flame, like when smoking cannabis, you’re not exposed to the harmful carcinogens and tar found in smoke.

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Instead, you get a vapor that is better for the body and smooth on the lungs, while providing the desired high.

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Less Smell for the Self-Conscious

Marijuana may be wonderful, but it’s easy for people to know you use it. If your friends or neighbors complain about cannabis smell, vaporizers could be a good option.

Since smoke is not produced, the smell of burning dry herb is reduced. Residual oils also don’t stick to your hands and teeth. Vaping allows you to enjoy your herb discreetly without the attention.

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A Better Investment in the Long-Term

If you want to smoke weed on a budget, then vapes are a great option. You’ll actually use less dry herb with vaping when compared to smoking. Vapes utilize the full amount of dry herb, ensuring there’s no waste.

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Just like the effects of regulated medical and recreational marijuana, there is still a lot of ongoing debate about the different types of highs that you can get from vaping.

The bottom line is, many factors come into play in determining the exact type of high that vaporizers provide, but one thing is for certain — vaping will gain more popularity as the preferred method of cannabis consumption.

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